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We want children and families to thrive

The Child Psychology Hub in Derby supports families to reconnect and recover from the challenge of mental
health difficulties. We believe in easy and friendly access to clinical psychology support.

We offer:

- ADHD Assessment

- Parenting support & coaching
- Therapy
 (waitlist currently closed) 

- Learning/cognitive assessment

Improve your child’s mental health

Are you worried about your child’s emotional wellbeing? Have they had some changes in their mood or behaviour that worries you? Or maybe stress and anxiety is getting in the way of them achieving their potential or enjoying their life? Do you wish you could increase their confidence and resilience? You might be doubting yourself as a parent or feel exhausted trying to find the right support.


You can work to improve your child’s mental health, embrace parenthood and reconnect as a family. Growing up can be hard and the pressures of the modern world can be difficult to cope with, this can leave children vulnerable to anxiety, low mood, low self-esteem, lacking in confidence and struggling to cope. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

For children, gaining a deeper understanding of thinking patterns, triggers and relationships in therapy can all be helpful in addressing mental health struggles. For parents,  having a safe non-judgmental space to discuss your struggles with a qualified professional can help increase your parenting confidence and trust in your innate parenting wisdom. Understanding how brains work and develop could also be key in deepening the connection with your child. By translating brain and behaviour science into easy-to-follow steps and strategies you can support your child to reach their full potential.


If you are a parent or carer whose child is struggling with their mental health or if you want parenting advice to help you create a connected and peaceful home, we have services to help.

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I’m looking for assessment and therapy for my child


I’m looking for parenting support, advice or coaching

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I’m not sure what I need. Book a 20-minute consultation

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