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ADHD assessment

ADHD assessments for children and teenagers in Derby and Derbyshire.

Attention-Deficit hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a group of behavioural symptoms that make paying attention, concentrating, controlling impulsive behaviour and sitting still more difficult. Although all children and teenagers can be restless and hyperactive at times, those with ADHD experience this more frequently and it has significant impact on their everyday lives.

If you suspect your child to have ADHD it is important to get a proper assessment so that school and family can recognise their needs and understand that your child is not being deliberately 'naughty' or misbehaving. If your child has ADHD then this is a neurodevelopmental difference that needs to be recognised and accounted for. Your child will have certain superpowers but also certain weaknesses, especially when trying to fit in to neuro-typical environments like school. If the superpowers are allowed to grow and the weaknesses supported then your child can thrive. If they are constantly in trouble then a negative feedback loop is created and your child can suffer from low self-esteem and become disengaged from learning.

What makes assessment with The Child Psychology Hub different?

At The Child Psychology Hub we are proud to offer you the highest quality assessment of your child's unique needs. Our gold standard assessments will ensure that a comprehensive understanding of your child's symptoms, presentation, and learning needs are provided. Our reports will provide a comprehensive plan of support and recommendations for parents, your child and school. We will also have a feedback session where you can talk through your child's needs and plan support in detail.

Our assessments follow guidance set out by the NHS and the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE). We then go above and beyond this guidance to offer you a comprehensive and thorough assessment of your child. Therefore our assessments are likely to be accepted by other organisations, such as schools. Our assessments can also contribute towards an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) in school.

Poor quality private ADHD assessments have been in news headlines recently with private companies taking short cuts to save money. This puts children at risk from mis-diagnosis and risks the assessment not being accepted by other organisations.

What is included in our ADHD assessments:

All of the following is included in our assessments as standard:

  • Screening and referral forms will be completed by parents and checked to ensure the referral is appropriate for assessment.

  • Parents will be invited to an in-depth interview where a detailed developmental history will be taken and ADHD will be assessed from a parent's perspective. Validated and up to date clinical tools will be used, such as the ADHD child examination (ACE) interview. This will be done online.

  • School information will be gathered from a teacher who knows your child well. With your permission we will contact your child's school directly to obtain the information we need.

  • Your child will attend our clinic and will take part in the following face-to-face assessments:

    • A play session/interview to observe your child's behaviour in clinic and ask them questions relating to ADHD.​

    • Qb Check - is a computer based test that objectively measures the three core symptoms of ADHD; activity, inattention and impulsivity. Your child’s test result is compared with children of the same age and gender, who have ADHD and those who do not.  The test is performed on a computer and takes 15-20 minutes. The Qb Check is an FDA-cleared, and TGA-registered medical device.

    • A Learning assessment (IQ test) using The Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children (WISC) to examine your child's core cognitive abilities. Please see here for more information on this assessment.​​

  • Parent's, teachers and your child (depending on their age) will be given several psychometric questionnaires and tools to complete to help with diagnosis (including Conners' rating scale).

  • The information will then be analysed by your clinician who will provide a comprehensive report outlining the outcome of the assessment, alongside recommendations and a plan.

  • All assessments include a one hour feedback session with your lead clinician, where you can ask questions and discuss your child's assessment in detail.

Other important information

  • All assessments include screening for common psychiatric and mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety and OCD. We also screen for other neurodevelopmental conditions such as Autism (we do not currently assess Autism).

  • Our assessments are comprehensive and involve information from different parties and therefore take some time to complete. We aim to complete assessments within 5 weeks, but this can sometimes depend on how long it takes your child's school to get back to us.

  • Clinical Psychologists can diagnose and help with behaviour support, but they cannot provide medication. If you wish to consider medication as part of your treatment plan, this will need to be initiated by a psychiatrist and then maintained by a GP. The Child Psychology Hub does not currently have an in-house psychiatrist.


All our ADHD assessments are completed at a fixed cost and include everything written above. 

Core ADHD Assessment Cost: £1250.

To make a booking or discuss your needs, contact us by e-mail.

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