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What is a clinical psychologist?

Clinical psychologists are highly trained to understand a child’s emotional, social and cognitive development. They also understand different types of mental distress and illness faced by children and families. Clinical Psychologists can offer in-depth assessments which help people to gain a greater understanding of themselves, their difficulties and their experiences. Once this understanding is established, clinical psychologists can offer several different talking therapies to help alleviate distress or help you move towards a preferred future.


Psychologists are also able to teach skills like relaxation, mindfulness, problem solving and help you identify your thinking patterns. We can work with children and adults.

Psychology is the study of the mind and the ways in which we think, feel and behave. Clinical psychologists usually study for approximately 8 years, including a first degree in psychology, 2-3 years learning on the job (often in the NHS) as an assistant psychologist and then a three-year doctorate degree which includes, doctoral-level research and clinical placements. Once qualified they are registered with the Health Care Professions Council (HCPC) which is the regulating body. Clinical Psychologist is a protected title, unlike the title psychologist or child psychologist which can be used by anyone. Accessing regulated professionals protects you and your child.

All clinicians working at The Child Psychology Hub are registered with the HCPC. You can check that your professional is regulated by using this link:

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